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Frequently Asked Questions

No way, just explore them free of hassle.
Funds can be deposited through Woldcore, an authorized European inputPayment processor. Either bank transfer, Cash/Debit card or Bitcoin through Gocoin, one of the biggest Ecurrency inputPayment provider. Simply go to the DEPOSIT section on your account and follow the instructions.
If you want to enjoy your hard earned money, you can always withdraw funds in the best suitable way for you. Essentially, you can choose among wire transfer, credit/debit card, Bitcoin or through our anonymous and free Luxemar Private Investments prepaid card.
For a complete list of fees go to Fee page.
We know how important privacy is, but we must comply with the common AML and KYC rules, so if you want to invest through us you must get verified.
We try do our best by being as efficient as we can, normally it takes 24 to 48 hours.
If you don’t get verified, it means something went wrong on the documents you uploaded, try to contact us again and we will try to solve the issue