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Private Companies

Private Companies

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Shared Risk

There’s no playing it safe when it comes to investments, but shared risk allows you to play just a tiny bit safer. Instead of using your entire capital, and risk it on a single investment, you can reduce the risk by sharing it with other investors. When you share your risk with others, you protect your investments and get lower percentage of earnings.

Also, shared risk investment lets you to invest smaller amounts of money, starting from just $100! You don’t need to risk losing large sums on a single investment, when you can diversify your portfolio by investing in various projects.

Single Risk

Every investment carries a potential risk, as well as the potential for a massive reward. The name says it all – single risk investment lets you go all in, and reap all the interest. More risk, more gain and bigger payout.

You can still purchase a fraction of the minimal investment, or pay for the full worth, the 100%, of minimum investment. The entire interest remains yours, but so are the risks.

FIAT Currency

In the past, currencies were mostly based on physical commodities. FIAT Currency is virtually any paper currency today that isn’t backed by gold or silver, since its value is derived from nation’s economy. So, common examples of FIAT currencies are the US Dollar, British Pound and Euro.


…Or how to earn money by investing it! It’s quite simple, when you choose the project you want to invest in, and select whether you want single or shared risk, you will be rewarded if the project is successful. For every fraction of the investment you own, you will get your percentage on a fixed date.

Naturally the more you invest, the better the payout. Invest and let your money work for you – literally!

Due Diligence

The definition of Due Diligence states that it’s a complete audit of the potential investment, and our Due Diligence is very detailed. If you think about it, it’s in everybody’s interest.

We want to be the go-to investment platform, and we want to enable successful investments for both investors and companies. That is why we will conduct severe due diligence process, and host on our platform only companies worth investing in. We protect your interest.


That is why we’ve done the due diligence for you, and we made sure that you can easily understand the project. It’s simple – you can get all the necessary info from the infographic, and understand the risks written in normal language, without unnecessary big words and complicated terms.

Also, all investors will be verified according to the standing AML and KYC rules, so that all investments remain secure.


Founded in 2015, Luxemar International LTD first began as a sales agency with a “door to door” approach. Following the expansion, our business model is currently being shifted – we now want to offer services of a fully functional platform to investors of all kinds.

Our goal is to bring investment opportunities to the ordinary people who perhaps don’t have massive amounts of money, and our motto is that anyone with a $100 to spare can start investing in our listed projects and rake up the percentage. At the same time, we want to help companies grow and get their funding, as well as grant them access to the yet undiscovered pool of investors.

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