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By reducing the minimum investment, we are enticing people from all around the world to start investing, letting you tap into a pool of yet undiscovered investor market. Simply fund your project and raise enough capital through the power of crowdfunding.

  • Growth Made Easy

    Gain access and connect with thousands of investors who are ready to fund your project and help you achieve unimaginable growth.

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    We have taken all precaution and have employed different layers of security so that all transactions are verified and secure.

  • FIAT and Crypto

    No matter whether it’s FIAT currency or Bitcoin (and soon Ethereum), we make sure that people have various options to invest in your project.

  • Various Industries Covered

    We have chosen the highest-yielding industries so that you can choose the right category to list your project and be discovered by interested investors.

  • Diversified Investor Pool

    Tap into a pool of different, yet all verified investors, and rest assured that your project will get the sufficient exposure and a chance to be fully funded.

  • Due Diligence

    Investors are relieved to see that we have covered our Due Diligence so that they don’t have to. Less researching means more time for investing.

  • Reduced Administration

    Let us do the juggling and handle the administration of your numerous investors, while you reap the funding, or better say, reap the funding.

  • Result-Oriented

    It’s in our interest that your project achieves success, and we will do everything we can to make that possible. We are on your side.

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I never thought that I would be investing in something – the idea seemed too complicated and boring, but Luxemar changed my mind AND helped me earn money!

Jennifer Ray, President, Unocoin

I'm a fan of crowdfunding, and when I saw that I can back projects I am genuinely interested in, invest as much or as little as I want to, I was immediately hooked! Great way to feel useful, empower SMEs and get a buck out of it.

Polark Diamind, Investor