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The fast growing global company for everyday trading

Looking for new investments for your business? List your company with us and get a chance to come into our fold – become a part of our exclusive portfolio! Luxemar is both intended for everyday people who want to take up trading, and experienced professionals alike. By diversifying our investor pool, chosen companies can only benefit from tapping into that undiscovered potential. The approval can take anywhere from 2 to 3 business days, and we ask for your patience. The due diligence process takes time, since we want to include only proven companies that show a promising growth potential.

Our Team

  • Marco Luis Colonello Chief Executive Officer
    Road to success is a long journey filled with trial and error, but Luis Marco Colonello certainly has the talent to learn from every experience and select the right path. This risk-taking, innovative leader has proven himself as a capable engineer, consultant, team lead, organizer, and fast-forward to now, he’s a project manager and man behind the Luxemar idea.
  • Ahmed Skaik Chief Technical Officer
    Tech is his name and Development is his game! Meet the man behind the technical part who’s keeping the Luxemar running strong. Ahmed has plenty of experience in web and software development, which is his main forte but QA and database administration don’t fall far behind. With so many successfully planned and managed project under his belt, we are confident Luxemar will go a long way.
  • Luca Dordolo VP, Head of Investors
    Changing the pace and abandoning his lucrative political career, Luca Dordolo turned to entrepreneurship. Practice makes perfect, and Luca’s years of practice certainly paid off when he came aboard Luxemar and offered his consultant services. Luca is our go-to crypto guy and the most knowledgeable information database for cryptocurrencies on this project.