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Why Invest With Us

100$ Minimum

You don’t need loads of money to become an investor – you can start earning your percentage with as low as $100 worth of investment.

Invest with Ethereum
- Coming Soon

We are working hard to bring you this amazing opportunity – investing in our diversified range of projects with Etherium. Stay tuned!

Secure Investments In Trusted Companies

The companies we choose to enlist on Luxemar are proven performers and are completely verified. Focus on choosing and investing, not researching.

Invest With Bitcoin

No matter its worth, this cryptocurrency remains hard to spend. We want to change that, by allowing you to invest your Bitcoin however you want to.

Shared or Single Risk Investment

When we talk investments, risk is always involved. However, Luxemar lets you to go all in or share your risk with other investors - the choice is yours.

Diverse Project Portfolio

You’ve heard that it’s better not to keep all eggs in one basket. That’s why ours is colorful! We always select various projects you can choose from, and invest in.

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It’s simpler than you could imagine!

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I never thought that I would be investing in something – the idea seemed too complicated and boring, but Luxemar changed my mind AND helped me earn money!

Made $8,666
- Jennifer

I'm a fan of crowdfunding, and when I saw that I can back projects I am genuinely interested in, invest as much or as little as I want to, I was immediately hooked! Great way to feel useful, empower SMEs and get a buck out of it.

Made $9,666
- Pardaniola
New York